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HQT Individualized Access (Portfolio Reviews)

HQT Individualized Access (Portfolio Review)

Assignments for Social Studies

Five assignments will be collected for each student. The 5th assignment is a final exam or project. The HQT will give specific instructions about submitting the final exam/project before the end of each semester.

Social Studies - The assignments should reflect the student's understanding of the key concepts of the course of study.   The grades on these 5 assignments will comprise a significant portion of the student's overall grade.  (Suggested grading policy: 50% ES Progress Report; 25% Portfolio; 25% Final Exam)

  1. Chapter or Unit review- questions and answers written out in full, and corrected by ES
  2. In depth summary of chapter, or event in history
  3. Current Event paper (news article, or primary document related to topic)
  4. Corrected Chapter/Unit Assessment - at least 50% short answer or essay. All portions should be written out in full.
  5. Choose one of the following: Final, Research paper, or Project – to be determined by HQT
  • Graded Final exam at least 50% short answer or essay
  • Research paper – Research paper needs to be in MLA format – Use Owl Purdue MLA for help
  • Project – could include a PowerPoint presentation on an event in history