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Scantron by Performance Series®

Performance Series®, Scantron’s computer-adaptive diagnostic testing solution, provides educators with instant test results, personalized to each student, that ensure correct overall student placement.  These assessments can also provide a longitudinal view of student growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics. CWCS uses the Scantron to monitor students’ academic progress, to help place students in appropriate support programs, and to help drive instruction through Suggested Learning Objectives based on students’ performance. 


Personalized Testing

  • Tests automatically adjust to each student’s proficiencies in multiple subjects, leading to less time testing and more time learning
  • Results are valid and reliable "scaled scores" that can be used to measure academic growth over time

Individualized Learning

  • Teachers can create an individualized learning plan for each student based on his or her particular needs
  • Scantron's unique Suggested Learning Objectives organize skills and concepts by ability level, according to the Performance Series Scaled Score
  • Aligned with State, Common Core, and College & Career Readiness standards, these skills and concepts guide holistic instruction by identifying next steps for the teacher, student, and parent

Insightful Reports

Performance Series gives an accurate portrait of each student's instructional level over a wide breadth of knowledge

  • Track individual student, school, and even district-wide progress over time
  • Compare performance scores through the Scaled Score, Standards Item Pool Score, National Percentile Ranking, and an optional Lexile® Reading Score
  • Develop custom learning plans for each student with just a few clicks, based on State, Common Core, and College & Career Readiness standards

Immediate Results

  • View reports as soon as test is submitted online or form is scanned
  • Aggregate and disaggregate data by selected criteria
  • Access standards-based reports on an individual student, class, school, or district for state and federal reporting purposes


24-hour access to data from any computer with Internet access and from many mobile devices