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RFEP Student Support Policy

RFEP Support Policy 

Updated for the 2021 school year

According to state and federal law, students exiting from EL status must be monitored for at least four years, to ensure that (1) they have not been prematurely exited; (2) any academic deficits incurred as a result of participating in the EL program have been remedied; and (3) they are meaningfully participating in the standard program of instruction comparable to their never-EL peers. Under ESEA, as amended by ESSA [Section 3121(a)(5)], LEAs must report on the number and percentage of former ELs meeting state standards for four years.  

Students who have been reclassified to fluent English proficient (RFEP) within the last 4 years, will have their Response to Instruction (RtI), CAASPP and other local data reviewed to ensure we are giving them the optimal amount of support to help them continue to be academically successful when compared to their Never EL peers.  

There are two different options of support for RFEP students. Parents and ESs should work together to determine the best option for the student based on the level of academic support needed based on data.  A minimum of one option below (along with the mandatory iReady) must be chosen for any RFEP student who did not score “standard met or exceeded” on prior-year CAASPP. 

Due to COVID-19 and the absence of CAASPP data for the 2020 school year, students will need to place at grade level in the iReady diagnostic assessment for the 2021 school year to be exempt from the below options. 

Mandatory Minimum Level of Support: The RFEP student will use IReady and/or High School intensive.  On this path, an RFEP student will work through their grade-level standards in iReady. The ES must sign the student up for the HSI if applicable.  ES must ensure parent and student understands the following usage requirements:  

  • Students will spend a minimum of 45 minutes per week per subject in iReady (or HSI program if applicable)

The ES will check to ensure that the student is making progress in their grade level path each week. See RtI Policy for additional information. 

Option 1: The RFEP student will be enrolled in and attend their grade level core Moodle or Resource Center ELA or Math class for the corresponding course.  If they are already enrolled in their grade level core class and need additional support,  the ES will add Option 2. 

Option 2: The RFEP student will be enrolled in Additional Education Specialist Services -Tutoring (AESS-T) or approved tutoring in their struggling concept area.  These services must focus equal time specifically on grade-level math and English Language Arts standards and be using a standards-aligned curriculum.  A minimum of 1 hour per week of intensive instruction must be provided to the student if choosing this option.