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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    In order to ensure that CW receives maximum parent input, parents are invited to become active members of PAC and attend the quarterly PAC meetings. The PAC, formerly known as the “Parent Council” but without the governance duties and geographic restrictions. 

   This advisory council will meet to discuss and learn about various workings of CW and provide support for areas of improvement. Our vision is that after the first year of the PAC we will expand and have PACs in every county that Connecting Waters serves. The advantage of having a PAC in all geographic locations is to give more parents the opportunity to be involved with ideas and ways of improving our school.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

The Parent Advisory Council Representatives 

Tamra Gardner / Box Tops - Coordinator

Melissa Ornelas / Vice-President

Ronda Ramirez / President

Karla Torres / Secretary

Upcoming Dates: The next CW/CV PAC Meeting is online via Zoom: October 19, 1-2 pm.  

Email to ask for the link to the meeting.

We encourage all parents of CW and CV students to attend and contribute their ideas

for activities, classes, field trips and more!

We have created our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to increase the involvement of its parents within the school.  The purpose of the PAC is:

  • To increase communication 
  • To jointly develop creative solutions to our pressing needs.
  • Plan family activities for the year
  • Share ideas and suggestions

The Parent Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss share methods of curriculum, teaching strategies, manipulates.  We welcome all comments and suggestions.