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AP courses with Odysseyware are Not UC approved and cannot be posted on the students’ transcript as an AP or a-g course.  Also, Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses with Odysseyware are for elective only. These are Not official CTE courses.

Pricing for Odysseyware includes two options:

  1.  Seat license  (unlimited courses)   =  $750 per seat license (per student)
    1. Students will log in at:  using the following format: 
      Username: StudentIDcwcs
      Password: CwStudentID! (use uppercase “C” as first character; exclamation point at the end)
      Example:  Student John Smith; Student ID#: 54321
      User: 54321cwcs
      Password: Cw54321!

    2. Access the Course-Catalog
    3. Access the User Guides:

Student User Guide

Parent User Guide

Teacher User Guide