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Blast for CWCV Students!

Plane orange sky and clouds, Blast off into learning in person every Wednesday!

Blast for CWCV Students

Held at the Central Valley Resource Center

One day a week FUN learning opportunities are being offered in Reading, Social Studies, Math, Science, Physical Education and Art. These classes are intended to supplement the student’s curriculum and are not intended to be “stand alone” classes.  They are on Wednesdays and will be held at  the CV Resource Center. 


For CWCV Students, Grades K to 7

Classes will be grouped by the following grade levels and run from 8:45am - 2:45pm:

Grades K-2 ・ Grades 3-4 ・ Grades 5-7

The cost is $400 per semester, which includes 6 classes per day for 14 weeks.   Classes will run from 1/18-5/3; no classes on 3/8 or 3/22


Second Semester Course Offerings: 

Blast From the Past!  We will utilize the uniquely interactive elements included with the Story of the World curriculum to create fun, hands-on projects that bring history alive for our students.  Instructors: Sharon McGuire and Meika Harmon

Blast Your Body!  Students will engage in a variety of fun fitness exercises as well as discussion and activities pertaining to health related topics. Instructors: Sharon McGuire and Meika Harmon

Blast Through Art! Students will be engaging in creative projects, some personal, some collaborative!  We will be exploring a variety of techniques, skills and mediums within the arts, as well as crafting.  Instructor:  Julie Hilbert

Blast Your Reading!  Students will be exposed to quality literature, increase their vocabulary, and learn various literary elements through fun and engaging activities. Instructor:  Jennie Emerson

Blast Through Math!   Students will learn and use math concepts through fun, hands-on games and activities in a small class setting. Instructor: Robert Cardenas

Experiments Blast Off!   Students will dive into Hands-On science lessons and will learn science concepts through fun and interactive lessons.   Instructor: Anita Madoski


Any questions?  Please contact Keri Gustafson at