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Military Information

Military Education Enlistment Requirements and 

What Our Students Can Do About It


Do you have a student interested in the military?  Getting into the military for CWCS students has become increasingly selective.   Students coming from an Independent Study program such as ours must meet certain criteria to qualify for entrance, and the entrance requirements are much different than what it takes to get in directly from a traditional high school.  

If your student is interested in the military, you should give this information to your parent and advise the parent to call a recruiter.  Once the parent speaks with a recruiter, a phone conference should be scheduled with Guidance to develop a 4 year high school plan for the student.  To schedule the phone conference, please contact Guidance at or 1-800-808-9895 ext. 238.  

Please read this information below which is a compilation of an April 2010 email from Jeff Rice (Director, APLUS+ the Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services) and Tonja M. Ochonma (MAEd, Education Services Specialist,US Army Recruiting Battalion- Sacramento).

This information comes from the US Department of Defense regarding students interested in joining the US Army.  There are several ways students can join the US Army. While each branch of the Armed Services has its own policies, it seems to be common among them that they classify schools in three "tier" categories. Connecting Waters Charter School is a Tier 2 school:

The Tier 1 category is always open for enlistment and more jobs and 

incentives are available to students enlisting from Tier 1 schools. 

Generally speaking, this category is limited to schools that require four 

years of full-time attendance and follow the state's requirements for 

graduation. Any school or program that makes it considerably faster or 

easier to obtain a high school diploma will not be Tier 1. An applicant can 

also qualify as Tier 1 with 15 semester credits from a recognized college or 

675 clock hours from a recognized vocational college. Courses below the 100 

level (refresher courses), credits awarded for life experience, and credits 

earned online will not count towards the 15 credits or 675 hours.


The Tier 2 category is for alternate high school diplomas. This includes 

GEDs, approved online or correspondence courses, and some schools with 

attendance or curriculum requirements that are not as strict as what the 

state requires of its public high schools. Sometimes public school diplomas 

are classified as Tier 2. For example, some public alternative schools allow 

students to complete classes online from home; some adult programs award 

large amounts of credit for life experience. The Tier 2 category, although 

valid for enlistment, is not always open. There is a limit on the number of 

applicants we can enlist from this category. 


The Tier 3 category is less than a high school diploma. Diplomas from these 

schools cannot be used for enlistment. Quite a few online high schools fall 

in this category. 

So what can CWCS students who seek to enter and serve in one of the Armed Services branches do about this in the meantime? Actually, there is positive news for our students. The policy states that "an applicant can also qualify as Tier 1 with 15 semester credits from a recognized college or 675 clock hours from a recognized vocational college.  Courses below the 100 level (refresher courses), credits awarded for life experience, and credits earned online will not count towards the 15 credits or 675 hours." The flexibility provided through our program enables students to qualify as Tier 1 for the Armed Services upon high school graduation by fulfilling either the 15 credit college requirement or the 675 vocational technical institution clock hour requirement concurrently during high school. High school students wishing to enter the Armed Services upon graduation simply need to plan in advance to attend a local college or vocational program concurrently and fulfill the requirements in time for graduation.