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Lottery Drawing Results: October 8th, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Connecting Waters Central Valley Charter School (Modesto)

We have completed our 6th lottery drawing for the Fall of 2021-22 school year.  Below are the results of our randomized selection for those that submitted an interest form during our open enrollment window of  September 28th-October 6th  . This list will provide us with the order in which students will be placed.  Please remember spots are limited and therefore this list will be used to fill the available spots. We will be contacting you if your student(s) is/are selected in the next 24hrs and provide you with the following steps to complete your student's registration. We will also provide the participating families with an update in the next few days once all our available spots have been filled. Thank you for your patience.

We received a total of 13 interest forms. Lottery numbers were designated per family. This means 11 families were invited to participate. 

  1. CV702.1
  2. CV703.1
  3. CV705.1
  4. CV704.1
  5. CV711.2
  6. CV710.1
  7. CV709.1
  8. CV700.2
  9. CV708.1
  10. CV707.1
  11. CV706.1