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Graduation Requirements

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Successful completion of 210 credits or its equivalent is required for high school graduation 


Reading/Writing - This Charter School graduate reads and writes effectively. 


30 Credits of Reading/Writing electives 


Life Skills - This Charter School graduate sufficiently understands and functions in the world around him/her. 

50 Credits including: 


5 credits Typing/Computer electives 


20 credits Physical Education electives 


5 credits Health 


5 credits of Education and Career Planning 1A


15 credits Life Skills electives to meet school standards


History This Charter School graduate appreciates the history of mankind in all its diversity. 

25 Credits of History including: 


10 credits World Studies


10 credits US History


5 credits Economics


Political Process This Charter School graduate comprehends the political process. 


5 Credits United States Government 


Mathematics This Charter School graduate applies math principles and operations to solve problems.

20 Credits Mathematics including: 


10 credits Algebra 1


10 credits Mathematics elective 


Science This Charter School graduate applies scientific concepts and skills to explain his world and find solutions to its problems. 

20 Credits of Science including: 


10 credits Physical Science elective (typical courses are Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics) 


10 credits Life Science elective (typical courses are Biology, Anatomy/Physiology) 


Special Interests This Charter School graduate realizes his own special interests, talents and abilities. 60 Credits of Electives including: 


10 credits Foreign Language or Visual and Performing Arts or Qualified Career Technical Education (“qualified” means the teacher must have a credential in that CTE subject) 


50 credits electives (college prep, academic or vocational)