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General Parent Information

The Curriculum Department section of our website contains information on curriculum recommendations, curriculum resources, learning styles, our Student Learning Objectives (SLO's), and various educational approaches.

Abbreviations and Terminology 
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Information Regarding Items that can be purchased with School’s Instructional Funds

The following link provides parent with the criteria for selecting curriculum materials and supplies that can be purchased with the school’s Instructional Funds (this is not all inclusive, to be used as a guideline).

Certain items will be limited to a specific dollar amount or can be denied upon educational review. We provide basic supplies, not “top of the line” equipment. Excessive quantities or bulk items can be denied.

Connecting Waters has educational price agreements with some product vendors.  For vendors who offer “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” or any other advertised discounts on the retailer’s website will not be applicable to our school’s purchase order.