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EL Department T.E.A.M.

English Learner Department T.E.A.M.

Together EL’s Achieve More

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EL Department Head

Mrs. Jerri Lynn Levers

Mrs. Levers is a long time teacher of EL students and has been with Connecting Waters for over 15 years!  She has one daughter and 12 pets! In her spare time, Mrs. Levers loves reading, sewing, volunteering at her local Youth Center, and acting in a reenactment group.  Mrs. Levers loves teaching EL students because it’s so much fun to watch them grow!


Mrs. Melissa Alcorn

Mrs. Alcorn is thankful for her CW family!  She loves making learning fun and meaningful.  She enjoys the experiences and knowledge each of her students bring to class.

When not teaching you are likely to find Mrs. Alcorn outdoors with her husband and dog.  She especially enjoys kayaking and hiking.  She also enjoys spending time with her three grown daughters and son-in-law. 


Mrs. Lauren Bassard

Mrs. Lauren Bassard, also known as Mrs. B., began working for Connecting Waters Charter Schools in 2008 and is beginning her sixth year as an online teacher. What Mrs. B. loves most about her job is finding new solutions to improve learning for our students, and meeting new people, especially from other countries.

Mrs. B. has two sons, two daughter-in-loves, and a husband, Edward, who works at the CWEB Resource Center.   Mrs. B. and her husband enjoy studying and learning together. This March they were blessed with their third grandchild! 

In her free time,  Mrs. B. relaxes by taking long walks with her Jack Russell Terrier-Chihuahua pup, Jett, weight training, camping, traveling, and serving in her church.  Her ideal vacation would include warm weather, snorkeling, hiking, and sight-seeing.   Mrs. B. looks forward to learning about her students and listening to their stories.


Mrs. Casey Blair 

My love for teaching started when I was young. I followed my dreams into the classroom. I have 3 awesome kids and wanted to spend more time with them, but at the same time continue my passion for teaching. Connecting Waters allowed me to teach the English class as well as be a mom. I absolutely adore my students and love watching them bloom and find their love for reading. 


Amy Carlson

Mrs. Carlson has worked with CWCS for over 10 years and loves walking alongside families on their homeschooling journey. Her mother was an English Learner in her early teen years when she migrated to the United States, so teaching EL students is very close to her heart. When working with any student or family, she thinks of those who were patient as her mother's English language developed. Mrs. Carlson is married with three children and has enjoyed homeschooling each of them. Her favorite hobbies are reading, hiking, traveling, and always enjoying learning more about health and nutrition. She believes that everyone makes their own choice to grow and learn, and is happy to help foster the right environment for success. 


Mrs. Sharon McGuire

Mrs. McGuire loves teaching Language Arts classes!  Her favorite part of teaching is playing games with the students and making sure all students are involved and participating in class.  When she is not teaching, Mrs. McGuire enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and 3 daughters.  She has been an ES for 14 years and loves all of her Connecting Waters students and families!